Credit card validations

A ruby gem for validating credit card numbers, generating ones, luhn checks

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Gem adds validator to check whether or not a given number actually falls within the ranges of possible numbers prior to performing such verification, and, as such, CreditCardValidations simply verifies that the credit card number provided is well-formed.

More info about card BIN numbers


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'credit_card_validations'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install credit_card_validations


The following issuing institutes are accepted:

name key
American Express :amex
China UnionPay :unionpay
Dankrot :dankrot
Diners Club :diners
Dinner Club US :diners_us
Discover :discover
Hipercard :hipercard
JCB :jcb
Laser :laser
Maestro :maestro
MasterCard :mastercard
Rupay :rupay
Solo :solo
Switch :switch
Visa :visa

Examples using string monkey patch

    require 'credit_card_validations/string'
    '5274 5763 9425 9961'.credit_card_brand   #=> :mastercard
    '5274 5763 9425 9961'.credit_card_brand_name   #=> "MasterCard"
    '5274 5763 9425 9961'.valid_credit_card_brand?(:mastercard, :visa) #=> true
    '5274 5763 9425 9961'.valid_credit_card_brand?(:amex) #=> false
    '5274 5763 9425 9961'.valid_credit_card_brand?('MasterCard') #=> true

ActiveModel support

only for certain brads

    class CreditCardModel 
        attr_accessor :number
        include ActiveModel::Validations
        validates :number, credit_card_number: {brands: [:amex, :maestro]} 

for all known brands

    validates :number, presence: true, credit_card_number: true

Examples using CreditCardValidations::Detector class

    number = "4111111111111111"
    detector =
    detector.brand #:visa #true
    detector.valid?(:mastercard,:maestro) #false
    detector.valid?(:visa, :mastercard) #true
    detector.issuer_category  #"Banking and financial"

Also You can add your own brand rules to detect other credit card brands/types passing name,length(integer/array of integers) and prefix(string/array of strings) Example

    CreditCardValidations.add_brand(:voyager, {length: 15, prefixes: '86'})
    CreditCardValidations.add_brand(:en_route, {
        length: 15,
        prefixes: ['2014', '2149']
        },{skip_luhn: true}) #skip luhn

    voyager_test_card_number = '869926275400212' #:voyager #true

    en_route_test_card_number = '2014-0000-0000-001' #:en_route #true

Remove brands also supported


Check luhn

Generate credit card numbers that pass validation

 # => "348051773827666"
 # => "6010430241237266856"


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